Enchanted gold Package

This is the ultimate party package, giving your child a party they will never forget. It’s the full story telling experience, magical for everyone involved.  Follow your princess through their story, completing different activities as we go along, creating a once in a lifetime birthday party! All music, games, craft, props are provided by us.

The package includes the following:

  • Meet and greet with birthday child and guests. Special time for each guest to get to know the princess.
  • Storytime experience – as described above.
  • unlimited sing along with the princess- the princess with sing all the songs from her story along with any added extra the child might like.
  • Dance with prop – Show the princess your best dance moves as you follow along to a small routine. Each prop is representative to the princess booked.
  • Party games – The Princess will play what game she thinks is suitable to the age range of the guests.
  • Bubbles – enjoy a bubble party with the princess, bubbles provided by us.
  • Crafts – each craft is representative to the princess you have booked. All supplied by us.
  • Food break – if wanted. The princess will work with you to find the best time to have a food break. The princess will carry on mingling with the guest.
  • Princess/Prince Training. Your princess will help the children take part in activities to show you how to walk, talk, act just like royalty. Every child will receive a personalised certificate signed by the princess, along with mini tiaras for the princesses and swords for the princes for their coronation of becoming a real life Princess/Prince.
  • Present for the birthday child – the princess will base this in age.
  • Presentation of the Birthday cake. The princess can carry the cake whilst singing Happy Birthday.
  • Magical WISH special. Each child will be given some magical fairy dust, follow the princess through magical actions to make their wishes come true.
  • Photos. The princess will stay and have photos with all the guests.

The package is 2 hours long and priced at £230, for an additional princess please call or message for availability and more details. Please note, this would incur an additional fee. We limit this party to 30 children. However if you would like more than 30 children, a small fee will be required to cover the extra supplies. Please discuss when calling us and we can then confirm in writing for you.

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